Posted : 2014-10-26

Golpata News on TV (Part-01)

There are more than 700 rivers criss-crossing Bangladesh and mark both the physiography of the nation and the life of the people.

Total length of all rivers and their tributaries is around 24,140 km. The larger rivers serve as the main source of water for cultivation and as the principal arteries of commercial transportation. Rivers also provide fish, an important source of protein. The profusion of rivers can be divided into major networks: Jamuna, Padma, Surma - Meghna and Karnaphuli.
Rivers are important part of everyday life for communities living by those rivers. In some of Golpata Eco Tours tours you can learn more about living with rivers through Community based Toursim, where we encourage participation of local communities for a better experience of rich Bangladeshi culture.

Sylhet, at the northeastern corner, has beautiful tea plantations where one can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and experience the mystic flavor of Sufism in the shrine of Shahjalal.
Sundarbans at the southern coast of the country is the largest mangrove forest on the planet. It is the home of mighty Royal Bengal Tigers and beautiful spotted deer. One can join the honey collector through the marshy jungles to accept the adventure of encountering man-eating tigers and at the same time photographing the serenity of the gorgeous wilderness.

Bangladesh with a prolonged rainy season induced by the monsoon, tolerably humid and soft summer with occasional rainfalls, overlapping fall and autumn with comforting mornings, convenient winter and very colorful spring, offers everything in a single package where tourism can be a round the year affair.


Different cultures and exotic cuisines are the icings and toppings of this unique land. The hustle and bustle of busy urban life embraces the tradition of mystic Baul music, the authenticity of tribes and the invaluable lessons of harmony and peace.

The hospitality one will face everywhere feels like coming home after a long journey, especially for those interested in community-based tourism. To stay with a family will add precious memories while discovering the natural beauties and old traditions of beautiful Bangladesh.

Sustainability, quality and eco-friendly are the keywords of our operating services. Please check the packages we offer or contact us to share your demands. We will give you a lifetime experience while exploring our country. Hide this content.