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Bangladesh situated on the lush green Gangetic Delta is the home of the longest sea beach and the largest mangrove forest of the planet. Here you can sense the soft transition of six seasons in the millennia-old colorful cross-cultural melting pot. Bangladesh is an attractive destiny for travelers & tourists who like crisscross the country by boat, bicycle, bus or private transport. Or for those who are fond of leisure at a sandy beach between Chittagong and Saint Martin’s or on a river cruise at the Sunderbans. Others might enjoy a hiking between the teagardens at Sylhet, inside Lowacherra National park or somewhere in the Hill Tracts. The hospitality you will face everywhere feels like coming home after a long journey, especially for those interested in Community Based Tourism
Sylhet The northeast part is called Sylhet district and contains wonderful tea plantations, some waterfalls and Lowacherra National Park, a dense forest where you can spot different kind of monkeys, birds, squirrels, some deers & scary hairy but harmless spiders. At Sylhet city you can enjoy the mystic flavor of Sufism in the shrine of Shahjalal. Around Sreemangol & Jaaflong are some tribal villages to visit, harvesting the famous “pan”, weaving & creating wonderful handicrafts. Staying at an eco-guesthouse, a luxurious 5 star hotel or with a local family, everywhere you’ll enjoy the famous hospitality of the Bangladeshi’s.
cox's Bazar Cox’s Bazar, the center of the longest sea beach in the world, is a popular tourist destination. Along the golden sand beaches you’ll find a number of hotels & resorts to accommodate tourists with diverse and varying requirements. Saint Martin’s Island, only half an hour sea rides from Teknaf, is a small and friendly fishing community, who value the privacy and comfort of the visitors. People living along the long coastal line are the example of resilience and struggle against natural calamities. Despite the tough livings, people are extraordinarily simple and peace loving.
Central and northern part Central and northern part of the country shows a mainly agrarian society consisting of a mosaic of green paddy fields covered by a huge network of rivers emanating from the Himalayas to flow into the Bay of Bengal. This area also holds the archeological evidence of a rich history. Archeological sites like relics of Buddhists monasteries, ruins of Hindu temples and educational centers are available at Bogra, Mohasthangor, Paharpur, the Kantajee temple at Dinajpur, Puthia and Rangpur.
Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, has the interesting mix of modern and traditional urban lifestyle. Founded in the 16th century, Dhaka has the long legacy of Mughal and British Empire. Don’t miss Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manjil, Dhaka University including Curzon Hall & Martyr’s Monument, the National Museum or Bicycle street with the colorful rickshaw workshops on your city tour. Sonargaon the capital of Bengal during the Mughal period is located near Dhaka. All tours starts and ends in the capital, accordingly you’ll find a various number of accommodations for all kind of tourists. See more.
The southest part of bangladesh The southeast is covered with hills and forests. Starting from Chittagong, the second large city of Bangladesh and owner of the biggest seaport, you can spend days traveling through the Hill Tracts. Think about a cycle or hiking tour at Kagrachorri, a relaxing boat tour at the Kaptai Lake of Rangamati, ending up at the highest hilltop Nilgiri at Banderban by hike or jeep. Tribal villages, local markets, handicrafts, waterfalls & wonderful views at the greene hills will delight your days.
Mangrove Forest Sundarbans at the southwest part of the country has the largest mangrove forest on the planet. It is the home of mighty Royal Bengal Tiger and beautiful spotted deer. Enjoy the wildlife & number of birds during your river cruise, sense the peace, tranquility and beauty of the wilderness while floating on a country boat. Don’t miss the 60 Domes Mosque at Bagerhat on your way back to Khulna and if you’re lucky to get a ticket in time you can travel to Dhaka by the famous Rocket Steamer.
Different cultures and exotic cuisines are the icings and toppings of this unique land. The hustle and bustle of busy urban life embraces the tradition of mystic Baul music, the authenticity of tribes and the invaluable lessons of harmony and peace.
Different cultures and exotic cuisines are the icings and toppings of this unique land. The hustle and bustle of busy urban life embraces the tradition of mystic Baul music, the authenticity of tribes and the invaluable lessons of harmony and peace. Sustainability, quality and eco-friendly are the keywords of our operating services. Please check the packages we offer or contact us to share your demands. We will give all tourists a lifetime experience while exploring our country Hide this content.

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About Bangladesh

  • Geography

    Total area: 144,000 square kilometers;
    Land area: 133,910 square kilometers


    Traditionally Bangladeshis subdivide the year into six seasons: Grismo (summer), Barsha (rainy), Sharat (autumn), Hemanto (cool), Sheet (winter), and Bashonto (spring). View Details


    Dhaka (Capital City)


    Islam, Hinduism, Christian, Buddhist and major tribes are the Chakmas, Maghs (or Marmas), Tipras, Murangs, Kukis and Santals

    Culture and Tradition

    Ramadan,Shab-e-Barat,Holi Festival, Durga Puja, Lokkhi Puja, Eid-ul-Azha,Eid-Ul-Adha, Christmas.

    Food and Fruit

    Mangoes, Lichees, Bananas, Papayas, Jackfruit, Watermelon, Pineapple, Coconut and Oranges.