International tourism continues to grow above average in the first four months of 2016 2016 started on a strong note for international tourism. International tourist arrivals grew by 5% between January and April 2016 according to the latest UNWTO World Tourism Barometer. Results were robust across almost all subregions and many destinations reported double-digit growth. Prospects for May-August remain positive, with around 500 million tour... View Detail
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Golpata Eco Tours release a presentation on CBT (Community Based Tourism)

Community Based Tourism (CBT) is an innovation in the tourism sector. This innovation is successfully running in a few countries; Bangladesh is one of them. Golpata Eco Tours is a CBT based organization in Bangladesh. Golpata Eco Tours release a presentation on Community Based Tourism (CBT). You should browse this present... View Detail

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It's picture time   It’s Picture Time! One of the first things tourists notice on coming to Bangladesh is the attention. Still a relatively untapped tourist destination, most people – especially in the rural areas – do not get to see many foreigners. When they do, it’s always with much curiosity. We’re something of a novelty. ... View Detail
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Summer Snack – Kaacha Aaam Bhorta As the end of April is here, so is the end of Spring in Bangladesh. Summer is knocking on the door with Kalboishakhi jhor (Nor’wester) and best of all (as we are told) mangoes! The fruit is a favorite of Bengalis everywhere, and the demand makes if widely available. We actually see mango trees quite often, the now green and oval fruits are hangi... View Detail
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Traditional Bengali Food on Pohela Boishakh The Bengali New Year, Pohela Boishakh in the Bengali language, is celebrated on the 14th of April each year. This is among the most beloved festivals of the year, with young and old all coming together to enjoy the day. With cultural programmes and colourful dresses, the day is commemorated with delicious food as well. This year we decided to indulge and try... View Detail
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Summer Storm in Bangladesh Yesterday we had a sudden rainstorm in Dhaka after a day of 40 degree heat. The previously baking sun was quickly shadowed by clouds that burst to let down a cool, heavy shower. As the first official rainstorm of the year, people were delighted. From our own perch on the balcony of Golpata BnB, we saw as locals celebrated the change in weather. Contrary to r... View Detail
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Boat schools help educate kids of rural bangladesh Every year, Bangladesh experiences lots of rainfall. Monsoon is known as the season of life, because the rainfall helps crops grow. The waterlogged fields are specially good for the growth of rice, the country’s staple grain. However, the overflow of rivers sometimes causes problems in transport. Often in the low lying areas, children cannot walk t... View Detail
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Popular coffee shop in Bangladesh, reminds you of home Bangladesh offers many attractions to a foreign visitor. The culture and lifestyle here is much different to western countries, it allows tourists to immerse themselves in a very different way of life. However, in the middle of all that, we sometimes look for a little bit of familiarity. To spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of regular life ... View Detail
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Sugarcane juice                        Starting mid-March, the heat of summer is nearly here in Bangladesh. After a day spent travelling we’re ready for a cool, sweet drink. Majority of people here, especially students, have not much time or money to spend, so they opt for juice carts. During ... View Detail
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Happy kids of Bangladesh On a walk during our last trip with Golpata, we saw a gang of little kids playing kanamachi in a small field. We asked them how to play and they gladly included us in their game. A piece of cloth is tied over the eyes of a player. He cannot see through it. He is ‘blind’. Other players go round him and touch his head or his body and say ‘ Ka... View Detail
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Rickshaw art Rickshaw Art  - Living expressions of pop culture The rickshaw is not just a mode of transport in Bangladesh. The brightly coloured hood and sides are considered an art form. On our multiple trips through the streets of Dhaka, we saw most rickshaws being decorated this way. On asking the rickshaw wala, he explained that it is a form of expression. I... View Detail
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Barisal Venice of Bengal You can reach Barisal by boat (Rocket Steamer / Launch) or bus The most spectacular part is the Back Water Tour: Floating market & all kind of activities ashore the river and canals     We started early morning to reach the market in time and during winter it might be cool and foggy, but after the sun burnt all clouds the views ... View Detail
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Dhaka International Trade Fair  Visit to DITF (Dhaka International Trade Fair) with Golpata Eco ToursThe Dhaka International Trade Fair is held in January each year. This event is organized with the aim to promote domestic goods, such as nokshi kantha, to visitors from both home and abroad. Imported items such as gadgets or electronics are also displayed. However the main focus is on... View Detail
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Jamdani Saris – Pride of Bangladesh                              

The traditional dress called sari is a symbol of elegance and grace. Various fabrics are used to make saris, but Jamdani stands out as a specially coveted one.... View Detail

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flutes stall
Bangladeshi Artisans           ... View Detail
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Bandarban – Home of the flying squirrels!   One of the highlights of our trek through the winding trails of Bandarban happened upon this little critter! Since the Giant Red Flying Squirrel was discovered among the lush wildlife of Bandarban not too long ago, it has been categorized as a rare species, so it was really quite lucky that we saw one. However, we soon realized that it was i... View Detail
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