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Golpata Logo  While traveling with Golpata Eco Tours the visitor will recognize the diversity of tours and destinations in Bangladesh. Enjoying the hospitality of Bangladesh societies will create a wonderful memory. Staying with a family, sleeping in an eco-lodge or travelling by an eco-friendly boat are just a few possibilities for a lifetime experience. Community Based Tourism (CBT) is a unique kind of tourism that Golpata admires.By involving the local communities Golpata Eco Tours achieve an interesting income source including respect for traditional differences, ensure environmental sustainability and preserve the unique character and cultural of the local area and it helps to develop interaction between visitors and inhabitants.
Golpata Eco Tours
is serving and guiding local as well as foreign visitors to all destinations in Bangladesh. Golpata operates, coordinates and organizes a huge number of packages. Tourists can select one of the designed packages, choose a part of them or can even combine a few to create own attractive tour. Our guests can choose to stay in a luxurious hotel, an eco-resort or with a local family.

   In all trips and tours Golpata Eco Tours pays a lot of attention to take care of the gorgeous nature. We admit that Bangladesh has a long way to go to embrace the sustainability in tourism and ecological way of preserving the beautiful places of Bangladesh. Golpata is one of the pioneers who make the differences in business with eco friendliness.
    Golpata Eco Tours is named after leaves of an indigenous plant (Nypa-fruticans), which stands as an icon at the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest on the planet. The leaves are used for various purposes as building houses, roofs, furniture or even boats. Sustainability, Quality and Eco friendly are the keywords we emphasize in our services; please contact us to share your wishes.
Greene Consortium Logo     Greene Consortium Ltd (GCL) the mother company who started tourist business in 2010 and recognized the hospitality as one of the core values for visitors in Bangladesh. Our vision is to offer Community Based Tourism as a unique development tool of tourism in Bangladesh. With the support of local and foreign partners finally Golpata Eco Tours started its journey in 2013. Our mission is to develop and promote eco-tourism as one of the most important economic sectors in Bangladesh.
“think for better future , think for a better green world”
   Greene Consortium’s focus on this motto results in careful activities. GCL’s present journey is with environment friendly tourism (Eco tourism), organizing various events & celebrations, ICT development for mankind and last but not least alternative power business with Solar and Wind mills.

Other Information

  • Management team Mrs. Joanna)

    Joanna (Joke Wittekoek) is originally from the Netherlands. She started her career at the front desk of a fancy business hotel. After a couple of years she switched to customer service at a bank and fulfilled many different jobs such as cashier, office manager and savings/insurance/mortgage advisor.
    Besides this paid job she volunteered a couple of years as a tour leader

    Her first trip to Bangladesh was in October 2003, to visit a project where orphans and street children received a chance to get a better life. In August 2006 she accepted the responsibility for a group of 50 deprived children in Savar, about 30 km from the capital Dhaka. She is supervisor and coach of the Bangladeshi caregivers, cookers, accountant and manager. She is chairman and fundraiser of the JW Support foundation (www.jwsupport.nl) who is responsible for the financial support of the projects in Bangladesh.

    When her employer had to close the doors, she could spend more time with her beloved kids in Savar and she decided to go back to her tourism roots. She started to discuss how to develop the tourist business in Bangladesh with Mr. Mahadi. Golpata Eco Tours is the result of their dreams, ideas and great efforts to create a new kind of tourism called “Community Based Tourism - CBT”. It is built to generate financial support to the deprived children in Savar and create employment for poor families and grown up kids from the community.

    Management team (Mr. Sk Abu Mahadi)

    Mr. Mahadi is a native Bangladeshi who served the military organization for 16 years in Bangladesh and UN Mission and took voluntary retirement as Major. Besides his professional career in military he was engaged in development of educational proficiency and consultancy services ( SCM course design for Atish Dipankar University of Science and IT enabled Security system design for Installations & e-education program design are just a few examples). From 2011 he started his Tourism profession along with project development in Renewable Energy (Hatirjheel Electrifications as consultant & SHS market development in rural areas with PBL) and ICT projects (Bangladesh High Tech Park Project under the Ministry of ICT for a Malaysian consultancy company), as CEO of Greene Consortium Ltd. Lately he came up with the Community Based Tourism concept by Golpata Eco Tours.

    His motto is “think for a better future, think for a better green world”.

    In all the different business he likes to develop a better world, protect nature and involve the local (poor) people, so all will be benefitted. To concrete his green ideas he got involved in alternative power sources like Solar & Wind Energy business & a variety of consultancies in ICT. With Mrs. Joanna, he invented how to organize the tourism business in an eco-friendly way. They recognized that hospitality can be one of the core values for the visitors in Bangladesh, so they started offering Community Based Tourism which provides many benefits across society to improve the lifestyle of the community people.

    Mr. Mahadi supports all customers of Golpata Eco Tours with the numerous of possibilities to explore this unknown tourist destination. He is responsible for the security and comfort of all Golpata guests. During his leisure time he’s involved in social work and he loves to invent more opportunities of new (green) businesses in future also.


    To utilize the power of travel and tourism to enrich people's lives, strengthen communities and resources, culture and heritage.

    To promote Bangladesh as an attractive tourist destiny


    Golpata Eco Tours is an active and reliable partner in the tourist industry. Accountability, transparency, fairness, respect, equity, efficiency & sustainability are the keywords of our services.

    Offers a range of unique adventurous tours with a mix of social activities which provides visitors extraordinary, enjoyable and memorable experiences.

    Celebrates, protects and enhances the unique cultural heritage and natural environment of Bangladesh.

    Provides a broad distribution of benefits across society thereby improving the lifestyle of rural and urban communities.

    Generates significant investment and employment through profitable business opportunities for all stakeholders.